Alyssa Sellers

I Say A Little Prayer

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Portland, Oregon ~ Winter 2011

January 12, 2011

God loves me. He created the whole universe. He set time in to motion; surely he can adequately orchestrate my life.

God, please help me stay out of the way. Please help me listen and follow. Thank you for this past year. It was more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. So much more than I would have envisioned on December 23rd a year ago. Help me to always remember your truths and the truths of promises kept in my life. Thank you for sharing glimpses of my future with me. Thank you for desires and dreams. Thank you most of all for loving me, this jumbled ball of unfaithful, unworthy, insecurity. You love me all the same. I am yours. That is a wonderful feeling! When I look back at what you’ve done to get me here, I am amazed. When I think back to last January and my anxiety I am humbled. Your plans are so much better than mine. Thank you for not letting me have my way.

January 12, 2012



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