Alyssa Sellers

Peace, Piercings & Food: Jesus Speaks to Freaked-Out Disciples


fish food 2Last week a devotional I was reading pointed to a verse in Luke 24 as an example of the supernatural greatness of Jesus. In it, a very much alive Jesus appears to the disciples, after his death and resurrection and says, “Peace be with you.”

I read farther and discovered that the disciples petty much freak-out and think Jesus is a ghost. So he tries to calm them down by showing them the holes in his body, I guess like someone shows off his new piercings. And then Jesus says, “Do you have anything to eat here?”

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Jesus anymore, he says this. He just saved the past, present and future world then follows that up by appearing to women at his tomb, some dudes walking on the road out of town and then in a house where the disciples are hanging out. What does he do after all of this? Jesus starts rummaging around for some grub. Jesus is so my kind of people.

I love how human Jesus is. He had a long day of revealing truth to all sorts of people and wanted some food. I get that. But I also love how beyond human Jesus is. He didn’t tell the same old story all day long. He did this very loving thing and acknowledged their differences and revealed truth to different people in different ways.

Tomorrow I will sit down with a bunch of very different people from very different backgrounds to do a very Jesus-y thing – eat some food.

And when we sit down to eat together, I will think about what it meant for the Creator of the Universe, after doing this truly awesome thing of SAVING THE WORLD, to choose to sit down amongst some random beings and eat some food.

But I’ll also think about how hard Jesus worked to reveal truth in different ways to different people and how, after all this time, he hasn’t quit.


2 thoughts on “Peace, Piercings & Food: Jesus Speaks to Freaked-Out Disciples

  1. This is so great! So does that mean we’ll get to eat in heaven too? Because that would be so fun to sit and eat with EVERYONE.


  2. It totally would! I would like the food to appear in a combination of personal food generator on the Enterprise and convenience of the tables at Hogwarts minus the House Elves servitude.


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