Alyssa Sellers

Let Us Acknowledge

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Citizens of Earth, let us acknowledge that
We are all human.
We were all born.
We will all die.
We are all capable of emotion.
We all have mothers and fathers.
Some of us have brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins, too.
We were all born with the same instruction manual, that is, without one.
We are all attempting to figure out this thing called life.

Citizens of Earth, let us acknowledge that
We went to different schools.
Grew up in different

For some of us our toilets flush the opposite way.
For some of us we don’t have toilets.

Some of us have dishwashers and dryers and laundry machines.
Some of us have roofs over our heads. They are made of
Plastic or
Wood or
Metal or
Clay or
Straw or
Car interior or
Ten fabric or

Some of us had parents who stayed.
Some of us did not.

Some of us get followed around
Grocery stores because of the color of our skin.
By children because we provide for them.
By people with cameras because of our celebrity.
By people with guns because of where we were born.

Some of us were harmed
By strangers or
By someone we once knew or
By someone we thought we loved.

Some of us were told we could be whomever we wanted to be.
Some of us were told we couldn’t because of
The family we were born into.
The genitals we were born with.
The genitals we identify with.
Our hair color.
Our face shape.
Our body type.
The people we choose to love.

Citizens of Earth, let us acknowledge that:
We all
Have fears.
Have hurts.
Have hopes.
Have the capability to love.
Have had experiences that have shape us into the individuals we each are.

Citizens of Earth let us acknowledge that we are all different;
of Us.

Citizens of Earth, let us acknowledge different doesn’t equal
Bad or
Evil or
Different equals different.

Now, Citizens of Earth, if you must judge one another, judge how well you have loved.


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