Alyssa Sellers

I Marched Because I Love


img_0614-3Even though Dressember^ ended last month, yesterday I donned a special dress, Lady Liberty’s, and marched for the 20 to 30 million people, mostly women, who are today enslaved. January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and I was honored to march for women across the globe who were not free or able. I marched for women who are sold for $90. I’ve bought pairs of shoes for that price. I am sure many of you have, too. I marched for humans with no choice or voice. I marched because I love.

As a follower of Jesus, I am Jesus flippin’ tables outraged by Christian women and men who demeaned the march of me and my sisters.

Sisters like Tiffany who marched for “every woman who has ever been a victim of sexual, emotional, verbal or spiritual abuse. It is never OK. I refuse to let it be normalized.” Sisters like Rhonda who wrote “Today I marched for the marginalized. Today I marched for Hispanic Americans. I marched for the under-represented. I marched for their honor, respect, dignity, and rights.”


Rhonda – Portland, Oregon Women’s March.

Yesterday many of the women and men I marched with marched FOR something, not against. Yesterday we marched for kindness, for hope, for love, for empowerment, for protection of the God created Earth,  and for freedom and liberty and equal rights and equal pay and justice for ALL! I stood with them and marched with them because I believe in these things, too.

One of my favorite chants from yesterday was “LOVE / Not hate / that’s what makes America great.”

As a follower of Jesus I believe this to be true. I believe Jesus said that the second greatest commandment, after loving God with all of your heart, soul and mind, is to love your neighbor as yourself.  I’m grateful that the example of a “neighbor” Jesus gave was the marginalized, outcast, vilified, completely different, non-believing Samaritan*.

Christians, for the next four years please consider substituting the word Samaritan with whichever most describes YOUR other: Republican, Democrat, Muslim, Atheist, Black, Native, Hispanic, White, NATO Ally, Anti-Abortion, Pro-Abortion, LBGTQ, Hetero, Man, Woman, Gender Fluid, Left Coast, Fly over state, Elite, Poor, Urban, Rural, etc.  And once you do this, recognize that person as your neighbor and love them as God has loved you.

^Donations for Dressember are still being accepted:
*From the Bible in the New Testament book of Luke in Chapter 10.


Tiffany – Austin, Texas Women’s March.


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  1. Yes. Yes. Yes!


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