Alyssa Sellers


Cookies and Sadness Spirals

COOKIES2Let’s talk about sadness spirals, shall we.

It starts out innocently enough; click on a job search page and up pops a dialogue box about cookies. The web based ones of course, but now all I can think about is buttery, floury, gooey goodness of edible cookies. With incredible persistence, I move on and search for jobs but only after tweeting about it.

Then after a couple of applications are in the bag, or recruiters’ in-boxes as the case may be, I start searching for cookie recipes. Thanks to the kindness of a good friend I have a jar of green M&Ms that are desperate to be in cookies and ultimately in MY BELLY.

*scanning online recipe*

Flour  – check
Brown sugar – check
Eggs – check
All ingredients – shockingly – check Continue reading